December 21, 2018

Past Events – September 2018

Dry Eye and Digital Eye Strain in the Office Environment

Sponsor: We would like to thank our event sponsor, Grand Stands for their support of this session.

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The prevalence and potential damage of dry eye and Digital Eye Strain (DES) are an ongoing concern in the office environment, particularly as more job tasks require screen interaction. Minimizing and preventing these problems, from both ergonomic and visual perspectives, can be part of a successful ergonomic program. During this session you will learn about the risks associated with this growing problem and preventative measures you can take to minimize the effects.

  • Realize the prevalence of dry eye and Digital Eye Strain in today’s world
  • Recognize the symptoms and potential risks
  • Implement strategies for eye strain prevention

About our Speaker: Nick LaPeruta

Nick has 30 years of work experience in the medical industry. He’s been active in ergonomics for the past six years—conducting office assessments, providing ergonomics equipment, and selling software for both office and industrial applications.

He has completed the certificate training program for the Occupro office ergonomics evaluator and is a certified integrative health coach.

Currently, Nick is the corporate ergonomic sales manager for Eyes 4 Lives, a company focused on digital eye strain and visual function.


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